Scotty you are a blessing the world should have more people like you in it its Bruce with the 97 contour you hit the nail right on firetrucking head vacuum leak how about leaks I could hear sucking sound near egr one bolt and what was left of the original gasket replaced it put the other bolt in found another line underneath coil pack barely on clamped it off fired her up still a little rough but staying running so I grabbed carb n choke cleaner started looking for leaks hit throttle body smoothed right out guess what no gasket then i hit new iac valve ran like it just came off show room floor no gasket there either both of them were less than 5$ I am no mechanic but this i do know now fuel injected throttle body motors dont like air coming in other than where its designed to.Thanks to you you tube and other posts I was able to get back up and running Now I can get to work and make some money and by something decent at the time i couldnt just go by something else or pay some one to fix it it would of cost way to much to make it worth it!!I learned alot Vehicles break thats just the nature of the beast in the future I will be trying to fix it myself now I just have to get the right tools you can never have enough tools.Im sure we will be talking in the future again I cant thankyou enough 2 months ago I had no clue what a iac valve egr maf 02 sensor egr pump pcv coolant sensor differential pressure feed back valve intake air temp valve etc etc or what they did or how to figure out if they are good or bad I do now Thanks again Sctty

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Well great, I'm here to help the world out. And I'm having fun, can't beat that