scotty too hottie, wuz good my man,big fan,just traded my running 95 camaro v6 for a 94 celica 2.2 non running,i know!got bamboozled.the funny thing about it,i knew about it.....boyyyyyyy, the apple doesnt fall far from the so i replaced fuel pump now im doing the head gasket,taking my time on it,dont want rush,my ? is,5s-fe engine whats the difference with all 4cylinder engines "toy" makes,are this engines fragile too work on.thanks cant wait to hear from u.

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94 celicas actually have very strong engines IF taken care of. But once they are broken, they are so complex and small inside, it's best to just buy one of those used engines from japan and put the whole engine in. I did that for my son decade and a half ago, and he's still driving it