Scotty, this is my first visit to your site and I need some advice! My sister's 99 Subaru Legacy Outback quit on the highway with dead battery, car has high mileage (260000). She thought it was the alternator and battery, so they were replaced: not the root cause. Car shook intermittently prior to dying as if it was misfiring, but has new plugs and coil-pack. The TPS sensor was replaced: didn't fix the problem. Car starts but Battery drains quickly will drive around the block but shifts incorrectly with the ABS and AT temp light flashing. Car is not hot during this, just run approximately a 1/4 mile block or so. Battery drains and or is not charging. A P1507 code showed on the scan. I believe that a catalytic converter was replaced within the last 15000 miles. Car jerks horribly with AT temp blinking and ABS light on during short test drive. Battery drains during this time. AT has fluid and it does not smell or look burned. She loves this car and it has been reliable. She told me that she shifts to neutral often going done hills to coast in order to save gas. Maybe this wore out the neutral/safety switch? What do you think? Thanks, Mike

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at that age, they are money pits, shes a fool to put tons into that thing now. but it is not charging, so test the charging system wiring IF the battery and alternator load test as good.

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