Scotty- The man with the 90 Lexus here (357k)....A few questions if you don't mind:

  1. You last suggested the strange behavior of the temp gauge could be the thermostat. Well, as it turns out, I can make the gauge jump at any point while the car warms or is at operating temp. The gauge goes to H and falls back down to the middle again. This seems like if I can make this behavior happen by tapping on the plastic cluster cover, then there is probably a short or bad solder joint in the gauge's board. I'm happy that's it's not the ECU or the gauge's sensor, which I just changed. Pulling the plug on sensor (that controls gauge) keeps temp gauge at C, which is what it should do I believe. 2. What aftermarket (non OEM) radiator brand do you recommend for reliability for a 1990 LS400? Dealer recently installed an aftermarket, but seems to be seeping pink out of upper seems, where plastic and metal meet. They only put it in a few months ago....that's BS. 3. What aftermarket solid disc rotor brand do you recommend for my year and model? I use Akebono ceramic pads on front and semi-metallic on rears. Thanks Chief! PS The oil leak on the bell housing I posted some time ago is engine oil, not transmission oil. Rear main seal? =/ If I don't fix it, what bad can be done?
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yes, often a bad circuit board in the dash, check that first. Dealer sold you a cheapie, I buy mine from this company and never got a bad one 713 227 1544 they ship anywhere . If you use akebono pads, any brand rotor will work fine. For a rear main seal, try AT 205 reseal, amazon sells it