Scotty. Thanks for your input, for someone who watches many of your videos, you’ve become a unique credible reference. My 4 cyl 2002 automatic Accord sedan was purchased with 140k miles in 2015, now at 156k.
During research phases, I read about recalls, common-reported problems with each model—automatic transmission issues were so widespread among any car I looked at, I figured it’s because autos in general break often.
Boy was I wrong—it turns out, 2002 year—the last 6th gen year, actually rolled out with a new, faulty transmission design. I was persuaded to immediately do a transmission flush. At a jiffy-lube type shop, that was not a large franchise however. Well if the transmission was keeping it together then, it certainly began rapid degradation post-flush. I don’t think it was flushed with Honda fluids either. I’ve been babying it, driving progressively slower than grandmas, and easing off the throttle a little when it upshifts from first and from second. As of now, if I’m not careful, or listening to loud music, I can surge the engine if inputting variable throttle during the first 2 gears (say on a red light left turn). I’m careful not to let the gears catch when the RPMs surge from poor engagement of the transmission.
It’s too late to sell the thing, because it takes specific throttle skill to minimize engine surges and rough transmission catches. A test driver will undoubtedly notice the issue, or further damage the tranny. Do you recommend a fluid re-fill with authentic Honda fluids? I doubt Honda will do anything as I have only 3 years’ worth of service records. I’ve read that my issue could be worn-out solenoid valves, damaged from insufficient bore-diamaters/ATF flowrates through/to those components.

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Hi Scotty. A followup. Long story short, i got a transmission flush on my 2002 auto accord, and it ruined it, progressively started slipping gears. I understand swapping old dirty fluid on weak tranny removes particulate matter which contributes to fluid pressure, but the lube shop didn't use honda fluid, and I am becoming more aware how that's imperative. I used to blame the flush on myself, but now i wanna leave them a nasty yelp review. I'd sue if i had more time/resources. You keep mentioning for some cars, like Hondas, using their proper auto tranny fluid is imperative, why? Is it a viscosity issue?

My car was ruined by an undifferentiable combination of two factors-- 1, i shouldnt have flushed it in the first place, 2 this crappy lube shop used the same fluid they use for any transmission. Knowing 2002 auto accords, and their specifications, what do you reckon contributed to it starting slipping more, the flush in general, or wrong fluids? Before the flush, tranny had zero slippage whatsoever. I bought the used car, and went for a service on it. Ruined it.



too late really, either rebuild it or just get rid of it

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