Thanks for being there for us,

but I own a 2000 GMC Sonoma sls 2.2 liter 5 speed with 138,000 miles but I keep it like new. Now my issue is this with my clutch pedal all the way up it whins until getting warmed up, so I took to a transmission mechanic and we both agreed that it most likely a input shaft bearing noise.

So he worked on my transmission replacing all bearings, slave cylinder and complete clutch kit replacement, all of synchronization part's. But after getting truck back the whining noise still persist?

I took back to transmission shop and he also check it out while I watch and listened with him and he agreed it's in the transmission still so he is checking into this further thinking maybe it needs different type fluid ?

Please advice. Victor

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heck, I'd live with it if it worked fine. GM makes crappy trannys and only a new one would stop the noise in most cases