Scotty, thanks for answering my question on E10 in older cars. I keep missing your podcasts because I work shiftwork.

We got hit by a "Finger of God" snowstorm here in East Tennessee the other day. Same storm that hit north Texas.

I made it up my driveway with no problems with 6" of snow but after I woke up we had one foot of snow.

I got my 2003 Subaru Baja stuck in my driveway trying to back away from my garage.

I could't even dig my way out with a shovel. This was the slushy wet type. I've had this car for 16 years and not once have I ever got stuck. We may get one 6 inch snowstorm once a year if we are "lucky".

I've never have any trouble driving on powder but this stuff was horrible. I used my dad's tractor with his mowing machine and plowed/packed down my driveway to about 2". I can now drive on this packed snow even up the hill. I've even had this car out in the backyard on frozen packed snow doing doughnuts and never got stuck!

The tires are about half worn. But the car does OK even on packed snow. Just not one foot deep.

I'm thinking about getting some tire chains or cables. Would they have solved my problem? Dad says they will beat your car to death because they work loose.

Can you drive on dry pavement with these things? The problem is the city will scrape the roads but not my 1000' driveway!

I've never had any experience with tire chains or cables. Please advise!

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Tires chains are almost a requirement for driving on hard-packed snow, and ice. It is widely illegal to drive w/ chains on dry roads d/t damage to pavement. Unless you start experiencing these 12-in. snowfalls regularly, I'm not convinced they'd be a good investment of time & money for a one-off event.