Scotty's Car Talk Podcast Of Sat March 17 At 10 AM CST

Scotty's Car Talk Podcast Of Sat March 17 At 10 AM CST

Scotty Kilmer,mechanic for the last 50 years, answers your car questions every thursday and saturday LIVE. Yes, it's live and it's free, so don't miss out on some great advice and fun.

Scotty, when I read you tubers comments. Apparently more people like ford than GM or Chrysler. It has to do with their engineering. I had a friend that owned a Chevy, I am not sure what model it was, what year it was but he was bothered by Chevys electronics, he also got outraged that a distributor was in the very back of the engine. I was looking under the hood of many Chevys from google images, it’s kinda like dissecting their engineering, it is put together kinda weird, the battery of many late modern Chevys in on the trunk hiding behind a spare tire. My friend owns a 1985 Ford F-150 now, he loves it because he understood it. I can give ford this, even though they are mixed bag, they do OK engineering their cars though. My dad hates ford though for leaks and stuff. It sounds like American brands are being very inconsistent lately.

Hello scotty i have code p 1870 on my 2000 chevy camaro and the mechanic suggested to rebuild the transmission without even checking the car, it doesn’t really slip or maybe it does but not that i can feel it since it accelerates so fast but it start jerking after driving for about 80 miles
Is there any cheaper solution

Micheal-Hanna, Scotty would say to try changing the transmission fluid and PRAY it’s just that. If not, you will either need to hire a professional mechanic for 1,000s of dollars or you might have to get another car.

2006 Ford Focus wagon
Transmission slips often in the morning when it’s cool out when I pull out of my driveway about 50-100 yards away from my driveway it slips once
Tranny fluid is full (but not overfilled)
(I often pull a 4x8 utility trailer every couple weeks ,I never overload it, lite loads only)
Should I be concerned about the tranny slip?