Scotty, really could use your help. After completing a phaser, timing chain, oil pump job on my 2006 NAV and reassembling, the SUV ran beautifully for about 10 minutes then a loud screech started. I opened it back up and everything looked fine except the crank position wheel was a bit torn up from the prior chain and a small mark onthe timing chain cover lead me to believe it needed to be replaced. put it all back together and it ran great for about 15 minutes then the squeal came back. Left it overnight and it ran for a good 5 minutes and drove around the block fine but a few seconds after parking it, the noise came back. Very loud noise.
the sound appears to me to be from the area where the crank exits the case. I removed the belts to eliminate the other pumps, and still heard the noise. on the second time I had opened it up, I paid close attention to really make sure the harmonic balancer was fully seated.
squeal did not exist prior, went in to fix timing chain, phasers and code 22. no code now, runs great just has deafening noise

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I would assume something is rubbing big time, like bearings inside the engine. have a pro look at it in person and listen closely.