Scotty: per the dealer, my 2004 Prius needs a new inverter assembly, part # g920047121 (https://parts.toyotaofthedesert.com/oem-parts/toyota-inverter-assembly-g920047121).

There's a couple of junkyards in town that seem to have them for less than $300, but I'm struggling with two things:

How to buy one that works (and ideally will last)
Someone to install it

I have called about 10 different shops and they have all declined to install this thing (one of the mechanics said you need insulated tools) and I can't get a referral.

Ideally I'd prefer to not trash the car, but one of the mechanics I spoke to who works replacing Prius batteries said he doesn't think it's worth repairing. Any advice you may have on this would be appreciated! At this point I'm leaning towards getting rid of the car and getting another one.

trash it really, you're gambling with ten year old parts that you have no idea if they will work or for how long. Plus no one outside of a hybrid mechanic will mess with high voltage systems, and those guys want a LOT for their timme