Scotty, need your expertise,

Love your videos. I highly respect your opinion even though I don't always agree. 

I own a '17 Nissan Frontier which I am enjoying and it has met all my expectations. We tow a camper that weighs 5700 dry. Rolling across the scales she shows 6100. Now with the wife and dog, we are right at the top of the limit of the Frontier. She tows wonderfully here in Texas and made it through the Ozarks without complaining. What I am worried about is the Smokies or the Rockies. Even though I feel confident she can conquer them, I would feel better if she had about 10 more horses and 35 more pounds of torque todo it with.

I'm 60 years old, retired early, drove truck for 42 years, have tinkered with cars growing up and did most of my matainence and repair myself until all these electronics took over and I started making enough money to pay someone else to get their hands dirty. 

My question for you o wise one, is what could I do to accomplish more torque. Does anyone make a chip that will help? Rather not do anything internally and I know you hate turbos. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Like I said earlier, 2017 Frontier 4 door longbed, 2 wheel drive, 4 liter V6, automatic. I possibly would consider the rear axle change to the 4 wheel drive ratio but the mpg is already bad enough. I was expecting it to be bad but not that bad. My 01 HO Cummins got better mileage, but I wanted a smaller truck. 

Thanks in advance,

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