Scotty, my sister's car is toyota yaris 2009 which have electronic throttle body, i plan to clean the throttle body with some spray, i turn my key to "on" position but not start the engine and ask somebody to step on the gas to make the throttle plate open....i just spray my cleaner on a clean towel and wipe inside the throttle body until it is clean....i wan to ask is this the correct way to clean the electronic throttle body coz i just cant open the throttle plate with my hand like non electronic one.....besides i wan to ask u if i spray my cleaner directly inside the electronic throttle body , izzit going to shock any electronic parts in the throttle body, pls advice, ty

No man. You need to have the battery disconnected so nothing is shorted out when working on any electric part. With nothing powered you can move the plate and it wont shut close on you.