Scotty, My name is David. I recently bought a 2000 model fordcrown victoria police car. I have ran the codes afew time and keep getting the same codes. I reset and bingo again the same codes that sat bank 1 rich and bank 2 rich. I notice that the fuel injector connectors are missing the clips that hold the connector down tightly. I am wondering if this is causing the codes, but my real concern is at time i can hit a bump hard and the car will shut off, or i can go around a corner to fast and the car will shut off as well. it always starts right back up but I am stumped. The gas gauge has a mind of its own as well, sometimes it goes up then down. it just doesnt seem to work. When i first bought the car i had to mess with the tail pipe and for some reason that makes the gauge go up and down as well. I though i got a good deal, but as a student i am not working and doing most of the repairs myself. I am looking for some general ideas and things to check. If you could offer some advice i would be grateful

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loose connections would make it run lean, not rich. odds are fuel injectors are leaking, maf sensor is bad, or fuel pressure regulator is bad. test those first

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