Scotty my mother has an 04 Suzuki XL 7 and the battery died when she was on vacation a month ago I think. Well fast foward several weeks when we were at my grandmothers I charged the battery and checked the alternator to see if it was charging, it was 14.5 volts and the battery after I charged it 12.3V. Fast foward from that to lastnight she was on her way here and in milton it completely quit on her. Said it revved up like the IAC valve was clogged I heard it run lastnight and it didnt do that the whole time. She made it to the autozone I think a tow not sure.

I came up with the van and we got it jumped and from there we made it about 1/4 mile and she rolled to a stop at an old school, so I jump her there, and from there less than 10 feet. Had to jump it on the little grade, then from there, made it to the house where it sits now. She took the van lastnight. When she got in the driveway, it chugged when she put her foot on the throttle, but I know its the batter 99.999% sure, cause if you dont have voltage nothings gonna work right. Please email me at or message me on facebook, this is a really important question, cause she needs an answer right away. It's better to email me. Thank you for reading.


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yes, either battery is dead or alternator. Realize auto zones test batteries free, and even recharge em free. start there