Scotty, My daughter lives in the Houston area on the North side, and I was down there this past…

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My daughter lives in the Houston area on the North side, and I was down there this past weekend. She has a '93 Toyota Previa 5-speed that works ok, but having problems with blower fan so can't circulate cold or hot air in the cabin. I had looked at it in August and took out the fan, but checked it with test leads to battery and it worked, but did not work mounted in the housing. Tested it again Sunday and wouldn't turn mounted, but would start with a solid whack on the side of the housing. Brought a spare used resister for the fan, but it didn't do anything. I have a spare fan/blower from my '95 Previa that work when I test it on the battery with jumpers that I was going to send my daughter. I feel this may be a simple fix, but ran out of time. If you could give me a contact number or way she or I could get ahold of you so that you could look at it, I would appreciate it and pay you for your time. She isn't afraid of working on her van and changed her front disk brakes, so she wouldn't mind learning or getting her hands dirty. She works at Northern Tool and Equipment and is making it but doesn't have a lot of extra money. I bought her a 3 ton jack that she got for $64 on clearance ($200 originally) there. I live in Ohio and don't get to Texas that often and when I do it is to Ft. Worth for work. I know it gets hot down there and she could use some air. At one time the a/c worked. I also used the A/C Pro to recharge that you can buy at Walmart. Thank you.

V/R, Michael A. Landry 937-469-1991 cell

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


have her contact me, but realize when I'm working, I am an actual professional mechanic and charge 100 dollars per hour. The advice here is free, but not actual work I perform.