Scotty, Loyal fan - seriously need your help!

I have a local "scotty" mechanic who I have worked closely with and trusted for years. He has never steered me wrong. Following your sage advice, I asked him to keep his eyes open for a commuter beater car for me. Rather than going to a dealer or used car lot.

He lit right up said he had a 2011 Ford Festiva from another customer, that did not want to invest in basic 80,000 mile maintenance repairs. My mechanic says he is going to replace timing belt, water pump, and the clutch on the 5 speed manual tranny. Asking $5,000. He does not normally "sell" cars - like you he is too busy fixing them.

These cars have a bad track record with the 6 speed "automatic" but what do you think of this deal on a manual?

I like small cars and my current beater has 247k miles put on there by me. (2011 Accent) Put 600k on a new '89 VW Gulf.

The price is not super-fantastic but with the upgrades he is throwing in, and the manual rather than the horrible automatic, and from a guy I have always trusted - WHAT DO YOU THINK? $5,000 is about all I can swing on a beater and can't find any of your great used Toyota's for that.

Thanks, Eric Miller

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dirty dan
dirty dan

I'd go about 4,000 personally myself. But those fiestas can be solid built cars if In Manual