Scotty love the videos! On a 2014 toyota prius what does it mean if on the end of the dipstick there is yellow stuff with some black in it, almost like sludge. The oil and filter were “changed” by a dealership every 5k miles, but the oil was a shade of yellow that was a lot darker than I think it should be considering it was changed less then 1000 miles ago. The car has 61k miles on it now. What do you think about this?

that is weird. I would advise sending that to an oil analysis company to find what it is ASAP

I am going to have an oil analysis done on it once the kit gets here, but what do you think could cause this?

@ScottyKilmer Do you think it did major damage with yellow sludge stuff on the end of the dipstick? I saw on forums that it can be an issue with the pcv system, is this true?