Scotty J.D. Here Could you guide me or make a video about finding the PCV valve on a 2004 Suzuki XL&7 2.7L V6? I tried and tried to find it until I was pulling my hair out. Even done internet searches and nothing. It's my mother and it burns oil like mad, I just checked it and it was 1/2 inch from the add mark. I put some 10W-30 oil CLEAN that we had to get through till middle of next week when we can change it, sure would be nice to be able to find that darn valve.

unfortunately I've never done one, and my data system, as most are with suzuki vehicles, has limited info on suzukis, so it doesn't show where it's hiding. But there has to be a hose going to the intake manifold that comes off the valve cover gasket somewhere that contains the valve. Try a suzuki dealer parts dept, if you can find one. They pulled out of my area years ago from poor sales.

I'll ask around, why did they have to put everything backwards compared to what you think it would be? I mean throttle body is on the back on the engine. Thank ya sir.