Scotty, It turns out the timing belt was going out on my Acura MDX. The timing belt was shredding, but it hung by a thread. The Goodyear tech had to cut the belt and pull it out, cause it was tangled pretty badly in all the other timing pulleys. It did some damage inside the engine, but it will still start and run, but it sputters. The engine's not fully out, but it's not good. We're gonna sue the seller and bring him to court.

Jury is out on which one of our 2 dead cars we're gonna fix but here's what we have:
A 2001 Acura MDX with 183,500 that needs an engine
And a 2006 Ford Freestyle with almost 164,000 miles and the third transmission's out.
Which should I fix, and which should I scrap, if it comes down to it?

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I would do the ford, but use a factory rebuilt tranny, they generally last at least 100 thousand miles