Scotty, I was impressed with your timely response and your answer to a question I had asked you…


Scotty, I was impressed with your timely response and your answer to a question I had asked you about a year ago. You knew exactly what I was talking and exactly what I needed to do when nobody else did including my local mechanics. I thank you so much for your time and help. Now, I have another question for you which I believe is a bigger issue than I'm being told. I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey and after I turned the engine on both my TCS and ABS lights stayed on and continue to do so. I've disconnected the battery which did nothing. Someone plugged in their diagnostics computer and couldn't figure it out and he drove it and told me it drove fine so here I am asking you. Also, in the past, my engine light and TCS lights have come on and stayed on for maybe a day and first the TCS light went off and after about another day the engine light went off and this has happened on 2 maybe 3 occasions. I had it looked at and his diagnostics said it was misfiring on 4 of 5 cylinders which he said was not possible when my engine still ran so he reset it on 2 occasions and said nothing was wrong. Can you please help? I hope I have given you enough info to help you help me. I greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you, ared47f. 7/27/17 5:35am.

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well, two things can happen, if you have a major flaw like misifiring cylinder, that will make the computer shut the TCS and ABS systems off automatically. Now if there are no problems, but TCS and ABS lights come on, that generally means the ABS or TCS system has a problems. As an add on system, you can live without it. BUT, if you want to fix that, find a honda pro mechanic with a dealer level scanner as in this video, cause those systems are so complex