Scotty! I've got quite a quandary for you to ponder over. I found a nice set of Lexus wheels in the junkyard that I'd like to take home, but the darn thing has wheel locks on each wheel and the wheel lock key is long gone. I've heard of putting a snugly-fitting 12 point socket on the lock and breaking it loose with a breaker bar, but that'll only work if the car is on the ground. This one, being in the junkyard and all, is propped up on steelies and is up in the air.

Is there ANY WAY at all that I can remove those stubborn wheel locks with just ordinary tools you'd take to the pick-n-pull? I hate to think about those wheels getting crushed along with the rest of the car all because of a set of stupid, annoying, useless wheel locks that couldn't be removed.