Scotty, I've got an 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. The right rear window went down on it own. I've gotten the interior panel off the door. One of the plastic teeth holding the glass is broken off. I believe the regulator and motor needs to be changed out. This door has a different configuration than the front door older model you worked upon. Do I unscrew the glass holder? How does the regulator come out of the door. I purchased a new regulator from Napa parts. It looks like all the rubber fittings , wiring etc. Should be transferred to the new regulator panel before re-installing. I'm stuck! Please Help. Thanks, Stu

they just bolt off and bolt on, but you must remove the glass from the regulator assembly first in order to get it out of the door. In all the ones I've done, the new motor regulator assembly comes with every part and nothing needs swapping from the old one