I thoroughly enjoy your videos now and have been for years. I do have 2 items to relay:

  1. In the video Fixing Faded Paint the electric buffer appears to be plugged in while it is dipped into the water bucket to moisten the buffer pad.
    ○ This presents a potential electrocution hazard, especially if the user does not have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in the electric circuit used.
    ○ As a just retired safety professional of 37+ years experience, I would be remiss in not raising this potential hazard to you and your viewers so it can be addressed before injury.
    □ (Doggone…. I only came close to your 40+ years of experience but didn't exceed. However, I'm still working semi-retired.)
  1. I see the logos, stickers etc. for the Airborne soldiers on your videos. This shows great pride and respect for these soldiers and all armed forces personnel. Thank you for supporting them. My question is were you an Airborne veteran or your son, daughter or other family member?

Again, I enjoy your videos, knowledge and expertise. Keep the videos coming!!!

Thank you,


I have a ground fault interrupter on that power circuit, so nothing bad could happen. My son is in the 101st as a chief engineer/door gunner