Scotty, I saw your recommendation on Steel Seal. I bought a bottle. Sadly it didn't have the…



I saw your recommendation on Steel Seal. I bought a bottle. Sadly it didn't have the desired effect. This is what I did (sorry to be long winded).

To give it the best opportunity, I followed the instructions to the letter:

  • Because it's an older car (2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8L), and it had one of the pre-mixed coolants, I drained it, flushed it TWICE with distilled water and then added more new distilled water with the Steel Seal. The bottle says Steel Seal is not compatible with all antifreeze formulas.
  • There was no water present in the oil.
  • I removed the Thermostat as a precautionary measure.
  • I only added the Steel Seal when the engine was cold and had set overnight. We're in the low 30's (F) here so I am certain the engine was cold.
  • After adding the Steel Seal, I let the engine idle for 30 minutes as directed, and maintained the accelerator over 1000 rpm, sometimes over 2500. I did not feel comfortable with the car on the road so it idled in the driveway. The heater was on max and blowing hot air.
  • At the end of the 30 minutes, I shut off the vehicle and let it set for 20 hours.
  • The following morning I drained the water/Steel Seal mixture per the instructions. I reinstalled the thermostat, and filled the radiator and overflow tank to manufacturer recommendations with the antifreeze.
  • The car started, however the white smoke from the exhaust and the water dripping from the muffler are now more severe than they were prior to the fix.

I have already invested a lot of money to get this car road-worthy (new belts, new catalytic converter, new coolant temperature sensor, new thermostat, new spark plugs, new coils, new O2 sensors). The ASE certified mechanic we used felt that after testing the car that the issue was in all certainty a blown gasket, (possibly a cracked block) and told me that the repairs would be extensive and costly. Steel Seal was a last resort.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Chris