Scotty, I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

My 2007 Civic has a curious problem that no one seems to be able to diagnose. It only happens when the weather is cold. It doesn't happen in the summer when the temperature is warm. The curious thing is that it is more pronounced when the engine is warm. When the engine is cold, it is less severe. When I start in the 1st gear, it shakes and shudders when I give it gas. It seems it is not getting enough gas. I usually have to gun it or rev it up to avoid the vibration. Once I get to the 2nd gear, it usually runs fine. But lately, I begin to notice a slight vibration in 2nd gear too. I don't think it is the transmission because it runs just fine in the summer. A dealer kept the car for a couple of days and he couldn't figure it out. Some local mechanics think it is the transmission. But they can't explain why it doesn't happen in the summer. You're a smart and experienced guy, what do you think is the problem?