Scotty- I'm a "keep it a long as possible" type of car owner. I think I'd rather be given forty…


Scotty- I'm a "keep it a long as possible" type of car owner. I think I'd rather be given forty lashes per month than have a car payment.

I know your opinion of Dodge Caravans - not good. I just wanted to share my experience, however. I bought a 2000 Grand Caravan w 117k mi on it back in 2010 for $1800. So people shared your opinion, so I thought after a couple years at most I'd dump it and buy somethings else. Since then I have only done routine maintenance on it. You recommended not swapping out trans fluid, and after researching the subject more, I agreed w your conclusion.

My van now has over 250,000 miles on it, really runs great (3.8 V6 w towing pkg) really doesn't burn or leak any oil, and I really like it for a number of reasons.

Those stow-n-go seats (which the od ones like mine didn't have) are hundreds of pounds of weight you must drag around. I yanked the seats out of mine the day I bought it. I regularly camp out in it and sleep in it on road trips. I just took it on a 4,500 mi trip to Mackinac and back last summer. In that Northwoods air (highly oxygenated) I squeezed over 28mpg out of a tank more than once. I can toss a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood in it flat on the floor and close the hatch with room to spare, slide a 10 ft board up the middle, and moved many a couch for friends.

Parts are readily available for Caravans, cheaper than Toyota or Honda parts, and I've never had a mechanic complain abt working on it.

The local trans shops I've talked to here in San Antono have told me these older ones have a much better trans than the 2008 and newer Caravans have.

I know you recommend Japanese counterparts. They better be better vehicles because the fact is - they are a lot more expensive new or used.

I share your opinon on Amsoil and Royal Purple. I use conventional and swap it out every 3000 to 4000 miles. I worry that as with the trans- swapping over to full synthetic may damage some engine seals.

At any rate- always enjoy your channel and keep up the great job at enlightening the world as to how to save money on cars. SO many people are clueless when it comes to anything automotive. You're a beacon of light to that darkness!