Scotty, I just watched your video on Sticky valves RE direct injection. I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee with a 4.7 liter V8. I just had the heads replaced by someone that thought he knew what he was doing. They were "RECONDITIONS" from another Jeep that had a bottom end problem. However, it now runs very, VERY rough and has what to me sounds like a solid miss. But, pulling each coil one at a time and two at a time I cannot figure out which one it is. A scanner does not detect a miss. SO, I am thinking it has a sticking valve. I also used my Stethoscope to see if one of the injectors is not working, they all sound correct.(another Youtube Video) -- Here is the full background. My radiator split the plastic end and dumped their water so quickly I didn't see any steam or smoke the Jeep overheated and drooped a #7 valve seat. Denting the top of the piston. Before we knew the full details, my "FRIEND" said he could put a new head gasket in. He then discovered the real problem and said he had a good set of reconditioned heads he could put on and put in a new piston. So he did that. Further, when the head was removed he pointed out that the Crosshatching was still visible on the Cylinder Walls and there was no ridge at the top of the cylinder. --- He and I inspected the bottom end and there was NO SLUDGE. However, NOW I have the miss and rough running and worse Smoking. The Jeep NEVER EVER smoked before. Should I remove the Valve Covers? and if I do how do I figure out which valve is sticking? Your help would be greatly appreciated. I am Nick Ruffin - Littleton, Colorado. ncr8081@gmail.com

do a compression test of all cylinders to find if a valve is bad. And really, I wouldn't let that guy do any more work on your jeep, he sounds like a clown.

Yep, I guess he is. Thanks.