I just rented a compression tester from AutoZone and tested the compression of all four of the cylinders on my '95 Corolla with the 7A-FE. 291k miles. Doesn't burn much oil at all, can go a 3k mile oil change with no top offs to keep it full.
I tested the compression and it came out between 100 and 110 psi across all cylinders so no big difference. I will do it again tomorrow because that seems a little low to me for an engine that runs just fine and doesn't burn much oil.
My question is: what do you think would be a good psi number to have for such an engine at this age? I will do a wet and dry compression test tomorrow but just wanted your input on this.
Thank you and keep up the great work!

it's low,, but heck, if it runs, live with it since they are all close in pressure

Yeah that's what I was thinking to just leave it be. I love the car so I'll just get another engine when the time comes.

Thanks for the input, have a great evening!