Scotty, I just purchased a 2010 C300 4Matic with 7,000 miles salvage from Copart. The car is in perfect condition on the inside, and all the damage is to the exterior and is cosmetic. The only thing is the ESP message and the orange triangle are lit up on the dash. Do you know what could cause that? Or is it a common problem on that car. Could it have been caused by sitting for a couple of months? Thanks for the help.

those systems are SO complex only a guy with a STAR tester could mess with it. Salvage cars are salvage cause serious BAD things happenned to them. Hope you didn't pay much, cause it's worth very little and are money pit cars EVEN before they are salvaged. Live with that and pray the electronics don't fall apart from whatever damage salvaged the car.

Maybe the water caused the odometer to spin in reverse. 7000 is not a lot of miles on a car of that vintage

There is no water damage. The car has 7,000 miles. The reason it was a salvage car, was because just about every panel on the car was scratched up, and would require repainting the entire car. That is why I bought it.