Scotty I just got 4 new tires and alignment at my dealer for a volvo s80 2012 I have. Being a perfectionist I hit some medium to minor potholes accidentally just by taking my eyes off the road for a fraction of a second here in NY. Another dealer in my area has the fastline alignment radar detector machine that analyzes a cars tires in relationship to one another as you enter the dealership when you first drive in. It's free. Most dealers don't have it. The dealer also offers a complimentary service to check all fluids, tires, suspension etc. What's your opinion about it if it really doesn't cost anything? Do you feel they are accurate?

yes, they are accurate IF the operator is honest. I've seen lots of guys BSing you with such machines, suckering you in for a freebie then charging for a ton of work not needed. So be Leery

Thank you for reply Scotty. Update on toyota that was clicking when filling up at gas station few weeks back. You mentioned gauge could be worn. That was at an exxon station. Today I filled at Sunoco. It filled no problems 12 gallons. It clicked as I was holding it ONLY when it reached full. If it were a faulty gauge I imagine gas would have poured out or leaked which I never thankfully saw last time. It has only 29,000 miles for a 2006 camry le too few miles
I would think for gauge to be faulty.