I just found your videos on youtube. Well done. They are to the point, informative and just simple enough for me to follow. Thank you.
I Just purchased my oldest daughter her first car. A 2000 focus. Seemed like a good solid little car. Decent miles, condition, wear and price. Private seller (not dealership).

She was driving today and the gas pedal stopped responding. It gave her no gas. The engine was still on and she began coasting to the side of the road where it sputtered to a stop.

Upon arrival I had her start the car again, it started with a poor idle then quickly stalled. It sounded exactly like it ran out of gas. It cranks strong but won't fire up. I checked what I could,
-yes there is gas 3/4 tank
-gas pedal does connect to throttle assembly and it reacts when pressed
-no fuses blown
-no strong odors

*I do not hear fuel pump when I turn key to on.

Do you think it could be the fuel injectors or maybe the fuel pump? If so, is that something I can do (not a mechanic but pretty handy)
Or could I be missing something a little more simple?

Bought car for $1500 don't want to put money into a car thats just not worth it.

Please advise

Thanks in advance,


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more often a bad fuel pump, have it pressure tested first