Scotty, I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla. My question is not what is wrong with it but when to do maintenance on it. I have looked on many suggested maintenance schedules and even spoken to the dealership. They all say my first "big" job is at 120K miles and that is just for changing the spark plugs and air filters(filters are to be changed every 30K). I am worried about things like the serpentine belt, transmission maintenance (it is a CVT transmission), and things like that. It has a timing chain and electronic power steering, so no pumps or belts there. What would you recommend as in my old car I was changing the transmission and power steering fluid every 30K and timing belt every 40K. These longer schedules may be true and would make me greatly value Toyota even more, but I want to keep my Corolla running as long as your Celica.

If you can get your hands on a complete set of owner's manual/ maintenance guides that come with the vehicle, you should have an entire booklet just for this. I think a lot go to 200k + miles

Thanks for the advice, but I am the original owner and already looked through those documents. All they say is to check the fluids, rotate the tires every 5K, etc. The only thing it mentions to change is the spark plugs at 120K. It does say check the transmission fluid for leaks at 30K and 60K, but nothing about changing fluids. There is no mention at all about the serpentine belt. Those are the two I am concerned with since everything else seems to be covered(like coolant, brakes, suspension, etc.). I guess I can have the belt and fluid checked every 30K by the dealership just to be safe. I hear that some CVTs need a tool to check the transmission fluid, so I guess that is what I have. Thanks for your help; I will just get them checked at regular intervals just to be safe.