Scotty, I have a 2013 Ford Edge Eco Boost that is having defrost issues. The AC will not work when it's around 32 degrees outside and I understand this maybe a safety feature to protect the AC. Problem is when it does shut off my windows fog up really fast and I have to crack my windows to get it to go away.

The defrost on this model uses the AC to help get rid of moisture in the air that causes fogging from what I have read. Even though it is cold out and the AC is shut down in safety mode, shouldn't it still work just a little to keep the moisture levels down?

I have checked everything and can not find a solution. The heater works very well. Freon levels are perfect with no leaks and the cabin filter and blower have also been cleaned. When it's above freezing the defrost and AC work flawlessly also. I have tried multiple defrost settings and levels but if it's cold outside I always get fogging. Have any ideas?

engineers go wild with computer controls, then crap like that happens. But call ford and see if they have any software updates that can fix it.