Scotty, I have a 2012 Lexus CT200h with a SiriusXM satellite radio with a standard aerial antenna that has intermittent reception issues that nobody can seem to diagnose. A “NO SIGNAL” message on the dash displays with audible white noise and then complete silence for several minutes, in areas with no sight line obstacles several times a day along the same routes/places where others receive the signal just fine. AM/FM work fine during this time which leads me to believe it’s the satellite antenna but no one can “reproduce the issue.” Recent loaners and other vehicles with the service do not exhibit this problem. I’m at my whits end and have tried refreshing the signal many times. What else can I try? Would a different style antenna help?
Joseph Wallace
Fort Pierce, Florida

yes, try a new satellite antenna and realize it may need to go some special location that the vehicle electronic/magnetic interference will not bother it. That hybrid car has a LOT of that type of interference to it