Scotty – I have a 2008 Automatic 2WD 3.3L KIA Sorento with 120k miles. While driving to work I…


Scotty – I have a 2008 Automatic 2WD 3.3L KIA Sorento with 120k miles. While driving to work I recently felt from the front end what felt like I was driving over those rumble strip on the side of the road but it was coming from what I felt was the front tires. It only lasted for a couple seconds but I made it to work. On the way home it did again about 10-12 times and at all different speeds and started to last 3-4 seconds and then longer until I came to a complete stop. Tires still have 3/8 thread and worn evenly as I rotate and balance every 6 months or so. Checked tie rods, did bearing test, etc. after watching your videos and a number of other things – I believe it is the transmission. Now let me say I love my car and the transmission shifting has always been as smooth as the day I bought it. I have to often look at the RMPs to see it shifted. I just did a test and only drove it in first gear around the block a few times and nothing. I then went to second gear and when slowing down (maybe downshifting) I got the massive front end shudder. Where I was initially thinking it had to do with suspension, I have to assume it’s the transmission now. I did a transmission fluid drain at 80k miles and made sure I only used the expensive Kia Red-1 transmission fluid. I just went out again and did a drain again but the problem is still there after a while and it seems to happen while it is shifting (up or down) intermittently, but more frequently now . I did check the fluid drained and its actually still a decent clean pink but I was able to find a couple very very tiny slivers of metal shavings (less than one day growth hair size) and just a couple.
My question – is my trans just screwed now? Should I drop the pan and do a filter change? For some reason I think my vehicle just has a metal filter with magnets? Is it merely dropping the pan and the filter is right there or am I taking parts of the trans apart other than the pan? I guess my hope is that maybe there is a decent size piece of metal that the magnets may have on the filter and that would potentially buy me some time? I normally just do my own alternators, water pumps, etc. and use your videos (love your style). I don’t mess with transmissions and don’t want to get gauged. I’m a techie not a mechanic… What would your next step be?

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yes, they have horrid automatic transmissions known or such failures. Me, I'd drive it till it dropped and get a toyota next time. do not throw serious tranny money into a 10 year old korean car