I have a 2006 Scion XB with an automatic transmission. 151,000 miles on it. Whenever I turn on the cruise control switch, the VSC,ABS and Traction Off lights come on and the cruise control does not work, and the transmission will not lock up in overdrive. If I turn off the engine and restart it those lights will go off and the transmission will lock up in overdrive until I turn the cruise again.

I have LED tail lights. I installed the resistor kit to the yellow turn signal lights, nothing changed they blinked slow with and without the resistors.

I have checked all of the engine grounds and fuses, everything good.

What should I do next? We scanned it at Auto Zone, nothing showed up.


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don't use the cruise then, it's messing up the computer system, I would not chance it. I would also remove the led lights, they can cause weird side effects electronically