Scotty, I have a 2003 Acura RSX Base Model with a K20A3 engine. I purchased the car in…



I have a 2003 Acura RSX Base Model with a K20A3 engine.

I purchased the car in Massachusetts moving to New York for a job, I was out of time and needed something quick. There were now 94 celica's in the area :(

Drive the car home and sure enough DTC's come through.

P0134, P1457.

I move to Sullivan county with nothing in the car but a bag of clothes. With no money I saw an ad on craigslist of a mechanic who was providing free labor for those in need. I was broke, so I get a hold of him.

He tells me to go to the shop, he lifts the car and runs the smoke machine for the p1457, finds a small leak and fixes it. Clears the codes, still the P0134 in the bank.

Then he tells me the previous owners cut the cat off and welded a straight pipe with two nuts to screw in both A/F sensor and o2 sensor.

There's also a leak in the exhaust manifold, it's completely rusted through. He says most importantly is to try to get the DTC off so I can pass inspection and get my sticker.

He takes off the A/F sensor and it's the OEM, and right away says to order a new one and he'll install it and clear the codes that way I can pass inspections.

I'm broke so I couldn't afford a denso so I purchased a $60 o2 sensor from rock auto. I receive and I go right back to him so he can install it.

He installs it, but he has to cut off the old nut where the sensor screws into because it's stripped so he welds a new one onto the pipe so he can screw in the o2 sensor.

He finishes, clears the codes and now I get a new code P1298 and P1167 for heater circuit.

I go online for the P1298 and find TSB which states to replace the load detector, so I replace the load detector myself, clear the codes with a generic reader and right away I get the P1167.

I go back to the mechanic and he attempts to diagnose it, as I'm waiting he comes back to tell me I'm screwed i have a bad pcm.

He then goes on to say the circuit is not grounding so he cuts the signal wires off the new o2 sensor and splices it with a thicker gauge wire to the PCM. Mind you he used electrical tape to secure the wires together.

He completes it, clears the codes, and engine light comes right back on for P1167. I was able to meet someone who has tools and allowed me to work on my car at his home.

After watching your "how to splice wire" video, I went ahead and spliced the pcm wires that he cut back together with proper butt connectors and I spliced the O2 sensor signal wires back together, but now I'm not getting any resistance on the heater circuit wires on the o2 sensor . I subscribe to mithcell DIY, and I'm having trouble identifying the two wires he cut. I'm assuming they are the ground wires for the pcm circuit on Terminal A 31p terminal, but I'm not too sure because the color codes of the wires on MIthcell do not match the wires on Terminal A in the car unless i'm looking at it wrong.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Many of the shops around here are car lots or they have a shit load of junkers on their property so I tend to stay away from those. I ask around, but I just don't trust anyone here yet.

Any advice?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


well, that things been so rigged, I would assume computer has been damaged now from bad work shorting out computer driver circuits. A 17 year old acura isn't worth putting that kind of money into it, and of course, if wiring is still bad somewhere, that would short out the new computer too. You need an acura expert, or just punt and give up on that thing. If it runs decent, take the bulb out and unload it fast. That thing was never taken care of in the past so who knows how much is bad now.