Scotty, I have a 2001 GMC Sierra, 2WD, and after some excessive braking I get a grinding noise from the front left wheel. I've taken the caliper and rotor off to inspect and I see no scaring or unusual wear. The rotors and pads are about 2 years old. Duralast gold ceramic pads and duralast gold rotors. The pads still have great life left in them. Under light driving I have no issues at all but it seems like after the rotor heats up a little is when the noise happens. It sounds like metal on metal grinding and I can feel it in the pedal. It has been doing this for awhile now and I can't figure it out. I've also changed the wheel hub assembly and that didn't solve the issue either. I've tried describing the problem to other mechanics and they say "ohh a small pebble may have gotten stuck between the pad and rotor" well, that's just not the case. Any ideas?

often worn wheel bearings will do that, then they move and metal hits metal

I’ve changed the wheel bearing hub assembly with new moog ones, which changes the ABS sensor as well. Still no luck.