Scotty, I have a 2000 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl Mfg date 10/99 I replaced the thermostat and all was well until recently the temp gauge spiked, as I drove the gauge was up and down intermittently. I got back home and shut off the car, the top hose (on the right) was stiff as I squeezed it. What Am I missing?
Also on another note, if the car sits for a week the new battery will drain to 2.4 volts, any ideas off the top of your head as to what the drain could be.
Update:I found your video on the battery drain issue...

gauge goes up and down, often a failure on the radiator cooling fans


Ok, so the stiff hose was normal I assume since you didn’t mention it. I will let you know how the fans test out..