Scotty, I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and It has a coolant leak where it is dripping anti freeze at the bottom. It comes out like rain sometimes, just a bunch of a little leaks that look like rain drops. I put k seal in it to try and seal it up and it hasn't worked. I cannot directly pour anything in the radiator because there is no way to pour directly into the radiator, thats just the way the car is built. . The only way I can I put anti freeze in it or K seal in it is through the reservoir. The jug that sits on the passenger (Left) side of the engine. What do u recommend to help fix the leak? Also My car has never run Hot The thermostat has never been on H(HOT) despite the leak. The needle stays in the middle between cold and Hot despite the leak. Can u offer a cheap solution? What do u think of K seal? Do u think I need to add more? Adding more K seal or other liquid sealant, will that hurt the inside of the cooling system? What brand sealant do u think I should pour into the reservoir? Do u think Bars Leak sealer could work? Also the car does smoke or give out steam in past on the side where the reservoir jug is? There seems to be no leaks in the hoses and there is no leak ion the reservoir jug. I think the car blows steam from the wet anti freeze on the hot engine parts. What is your solution to fix this? A solution that will save me hundreds of dollars. That u sir.

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I use bars alumiseal in a bottle. remove the top radiator hose, drain some coolant out, pour it in there and quick put the hose back on. I've done that many times