Scotty, I have a 16 year old and will be looking to buy a used car for her. Any recommendations to narrow my focus for make/model and age? Thanks!

go to craigs list, look at any toyota in your price range, corollas and camrys are great cars

I am not Scotty, but I have heard Scotty say many times that he suggests looking on Craigslist for an older Toyota Corolla or Camry. Don't worry about the age so long as the engine runs smooth and the transmission shifts smoothly and it is in a price range you can afford. I know Scotty kept his Corolla for over 30 years, and he bought it USED. Scotty has a couple of YouTube videos on how to check out a used car for purchase. Of course you also want to take it to a trusted mechanic and have him or her check it out before you buy it. A good mechanic will check out a car for about $100 and you should be able to negotiate that amount off the price easily since the mechanic will certainly find some things that are not perfect. My personal experience is that you can get a car in good running order with no significant body damage and decent (but not great) paint for $3000-$5000 but sometimes you can get a good one even cheaper if someone is just trying to get rid of it.

And Scotty just had his book published on Amazon (digital only) on how to buy a used car.

Thanks guys!

Also, at your age, have a trusted older adult with you, as there are alot of scammers out there, including dealerships! I'd also recommend a Honda, but only IF you can drive a stick as their automatic transmissions are known to fail early. If not able to drive a stick, then start with Toyotas.