​Scotty I got a few questions maybe yah can help on, its on 3 different vehicles so here I go.
1st vehicle we have a 06 Taurus we've changed the fans, thermostat coolant sensor and coolant still over heating to 212 then drops back down cause the fans kick on but stops when it dips under 208 then lets it rise again back and forth. Ive checked all the relays resistors, and still cant find the cause of it. The fan will only run when it chooses some days it will keep the car at 180-190 just fine then other days it will let it get really hot like above. It might be better to take it to the ford house but figured maybe you or anyone else has ideas on it?

2nd vehicle I have a 98 ford f150 4.6 extended cab lariat 150k miles, ive been getting weird vibration from a complete stop when i do sharp turns sometimes I know its the rear end but I was wondering if the front end could be the cause of it since it has bad sway bar links (we are in the process now of replacing the whole front) or maybe back shocks?

3rd now this one is a little sin, its a 91 alfa romero 164L 3.0 12v my brother bought it last year and drove it for a week it broke down. It turns over but thats it I never heard the fuel pump power up and its leading me to believe thats what happened even though he had a full tank. He told me he had to press down on the gas pedal to keep it goin after he let off it never started again. We only ever worked on fords or chevys so this is a little frankenstein of a car lol at least its a standard

heck if we don't get it goin and your in Houston might just drop it off lol we are up near fortworth area.

Thanks ~ Baxter

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No problem sorry about that and we will try that, cause we think its something electrical keeping it from running. Thanks!



please, one question at a time, I' m doing as best i can here in limited time now. As for the taurus i would just wire the cooling fan to run all the time and see what happens. if it still overheats, odds are head gasket is blowing or radiator is clogged