Scotty! I bought a 1991 BMW 735iL, drove it, parked it, put the hand brake on and then took it off. After I released the evrake, the drive shaft started clunking really hard. The faster you go, the more it clunks. What do you think?

well, those things do eat up guibo joints on the driveshaft, check that first. if not, see if e brake is stuck on either side


Hope you're well, Scotty. I have a question about the BMW I mentioned weeks ago and I would like your opinion if you could spare the time.

1991 BMW 735iL, e32.
new head gasket, valve cover gasket, thermostat housing seal, timing chain gasket, new battery, new radiator (steel), new air intake hose assembly, new driveshaft output pinion seal, power steering, coolant, oil and tranny all drained and replaced with some kind of high end german stuff, valves readjusted and he timing chain was removed and verified as in terrific shape. No rust, interior and exterior are nearly mint and it was garage kept. 184,000 kilometers on it (so about 115,000 miles). It's a fully loaded model and absolutely everything on it still works.

I want to sell it for 3000. Is that realistic?