Scotty,, I am an expat working in Saudi Arabia I have a rav4 2012 , mileage 115,000 km , i bought…


Scotty,, I am an expat working in Saudi Arabia

I have a rav4 2012 , mileage 115,000 km , i bought brand new ,,never had issues with it before. Recently I started to here very low pitch knocking on idle ,, to hear the sound u have to close the windows n put off ac (On Idle) . When I sent it to the dealer , they ran a computer diagnosis , they told me that the injectors are clogged. Can injectors cause a slight low pitch knocking sound on idling. You cant hear the sound while driving as i think its overtaken by other noises from the street. we cleaned the injectors, tested again, still the computer says they are clogged, guess i need to change them. but not yet. I sent it to a local mechanic , he changed for me the balance shafts , changed oil. For the first two days , the knocking sound was gone))) then it came back again, same knock sound like before in your experience with rav 4 , what this could be, i was changing oil every 3500 miles and regular with Toyota original oil filter so unlucky with this car((( Tks Marvin

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Yes, clogged Fuel Injectors can cause that. But, I don't think Toyota's to blame here. You're overseas? The RAV4 is mighty fine vehicle. Before assigning blame to the car, can you guarantee the fuel you've installed is 100% clean? Countries have different standards for fuel additives and purity-- you're in Saudi Arabia? Do you have access to Lucas Fuel Additive injector cleaner? Try cleaning Injectors, again. Buy the best gas you can. If you can find Lucas, possibly add w/ each or every-other fill-up. Why not join our Rav4 World Forum, it's the best RAV4 Forum in the world. My 1998 RAV4 is built like a tank. Join and read old posts, see if other GEN-3 RAV4 owners experience same! Here's Scotty: