Scotty- Hope all is well. I predicted a few months back that Houston will win world series. Now that they are in the NLCS, let's make a small bet. If they make it to (not win), but at least make it to, the world series, you have to perform a full inspection of my entire car (1990 Lexus LS400). If they win the world series, any findings from the inspection that need attending to, you will do at no cost, except the cost of me getting to Houston. Now, what if they lose....?

I'm not a betting man, and an old LS 400 V8 probably needs quite a bit of work.

Actually, I'm pretty good at making sure she is running clean. Not as much work as you would think for 360K miles. They absolutely do NOT make them like this anymore.

Wow!! Your Lexus LS400 has 360,000 miles. Now that’s a good reliable luxury car. Keep doing whatever you are doing to make that Lexus last a long time. They do in fact last FOREVER compared to modern cars that are getting complex these days. I bet that the BMW 7-Series And Mercedes-Benz S-Class won’t last as long as your car. BTW I also love the looks of old-school JDM cars. Here’s a fun fact: In Japan, that exact vehicle was called “Toyota Aristo”, before the Lexus brand existed in 2006. I’m a huge Lexus fan myself, or should I say “I absolutely love old JDM Toyota vehicles!!”

360,000 original miles! No other car will last that long unless it's a Toyota product.