Scotty hi...how do I check transmission oil level in 07 ram 1500 3.7

there are 6 different transmissions on those, pray you have one with a dipstick and use that to measure it while engine is running on flat surface to measure the level. If it doesn't have a dipstick, pay a dodge mechanic with a dealer scan tool

Hey Scott thanks.. I have an 01 Yukon that leaked water so it was coming from the water pump area so I took I off and the gaskets were torn and destroyed.. I bought new gaskets and i still leaks.. is it possible that the water pump itself could be cracked?

yes the water pump itself needs to be replaced it happened to me and i have a 2003 yukon denali, after we put a new water pump in no more leaks

Why doesn't the heater work on my 07 ram