Wayne bolton

Scotty hi how are you today I have this 1994 s10 v6 Ls vortec 4x4 headache it's suppose to take on 1 scanner it will not read on the scanner .before I noticed this I put plugs wires rotor icm all new in it .still would start die so I went bought cam shaft position sensor .come to find out this motor or motors some come with it some don't .well I decided after three days start it it ran so good of course it's got the spider in it .run like new motor about 4 the crank run rough and give it gas was hesitating .something made me think of srsnsors well I touched harness and fount to wires goes to regulator if you keep playing with them truck shut of and start right back up .the to wires have a plug to connect to wires but I think I need to pull premium off and check regulator to.the of 1 scanner will still not pick up .wrecon it's the ground on computer they said they changed the computer out dont no if it was programmed or not or same number couse it is a 4x4 and can't find the crank or cam sensor either I'm baffled on this one


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