Scotty Help please no start no injector pulse


Scotty I need help..Please

1998 Acura Integra 1.8 auto b18b2 engine

No start
No injector pulse
(no ground side)(has 12v power side)
No injector pulse while cranking.

Test injector (11ohms )
Fuel pressure 45psi
RPM gauge working
No check engine light or codes

Will start with brake cleaner spray in intake and keep running with no problem once car start.

Hi Scotty so my car wont start while cranking. Onces I spray brake cleaner into the intake manifold it will start up and keep running with no problem. The problem is that when I am cranking the car ,the injectors are no spraying. But ones car is started with brake cleaner, the injectors work and car would run normal. So I check for injector pulse,no pulse. there's power but no ground side. Fuel pressure is good, injectors are good not shorted. Main relay is good. So which sensor data does it need to fire the injectors up while cranking? I'm guessing either the ECU is bad or crank sensor. But ones car is running with brake cleaner ,it will run with no problem and Rpm gauge is working. Also the key is not inmoblize. I am really lost . Can you please give me some light. Thanks Scotty. Be safe and heathy.