Scotty help ...... I have o7 f1505.4 took in for tune at ford now i have skip took it back to them3 times before i got any thing done i took pic and mark the coils boots...bugs and sand all around coil boots before the tune and i got it back the same way the 2nd time 3rd time i got all done again this time i got my boots that i mark..ok i know they changed them but plugs who knows they gave me plugs that didn't have a small you should have smelt some fuel on them .... But they said they reset pcm well flashed now i have problems with power torque speed and the exhaust has changed tone passenger side sucking back sound with lot of pressure drivers side hard puffing sound about the same pressure kinda like a skipping puff. Any idea..thanks

well, the passenger side has a problem for sure. If it sucks back often bad valves do that

Thanks for the reply .. But it doesn't skip while driving. But when i kick it down to pass it falls back on power and don't go just slightly pick up speed