Have a problem with 2001 Honda Civic. It starts fine and runs perfectly but after driving for a short time at any speed, it will start to lose power and engine will hesitate as if it is starving for fuel when pressing the accelerator. While the engine is running poorly if I turn the key off for a split second tehn back on the engine resets to run perfectly again for a short time maybe a couple minutes or a few seconds depending on driving conditions. I think it tends to do it when slowing down or changing speeds, but not always.

Today I discovered if you push the accelerator nearly all the way to the floorboard (like old passing gear cars but my car is 5 speed) when it starts to hesitate or loose power it will immediately make the engine start to run normal and smooth with great pickup. Is there a sensor or something on the throttle linkage when the accelerator is all the way open?

Do you think the MAP sensor or throttle body needs cleaning or it could be a some sensor or fuel/filter pump going bad? Not getting any codes from the computer. The car runs great otherwise. I changed the cam shaft sensor twice and checked the timing belt is good. Thanks very much! Appreciate you and many great videos. Steve

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


could be tons of things, but on those, first change the fuel filter then pressure test the fuel pump to see if it's weak. Also have the valve adjustments checked as they often go out on those an no one really bothers to adjust them anymore